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Dharma bums

To provide you with yoga and activewear clothing to keep you comfortable, active and looking good whatever your Dharma, whilst ensuring we respect, honour and do not hinder the Dharma of others in this process.

Dharma Bums aims to provide a beautifully designed yoga and activewear collection that can take you effortlessly from the studio to the street. The design and the print of the garment offers the versatility of being perfect as an activewear garment whilst looking equally as stylish when worn off the mat as street wear.

All Dharma Bums clothing is designed, printed and made in Australia, close to the home of the head office. By working closely with our partners in the supplier chain we are able this ensure ethical and fair working conditions to all those involved in helping us bring the product to you.

We believe that given the choice people will choose to support a company that shares their values and helps create a difference. We aim to offer you that choice.

Lorna Jane

We are on a mission to empower every woman to lead her best life through Active Living.

What started as a passion to deliver unique and inspiring designs to fellow gym lovers, Lorna Jane has now given a whole new meaning to staying fit and healthy – it’s a lifestyle that transcends the walls of the gym.

Aside from industry leading technology, expert craftsmanship and hi-tech performance fabrics, Lorna Jane represents a global movement of women living their best, most beautiful lives through Active Living.

Producing monthly bespoke collections available in more than 150 stores, our garments provide each wearer with a distinct sense of energy, vitality and a “take on the world” approach to life.

All for the love of health and wellness, the Lorna Jane sisterhood aspires to be their own personal best by embracing the daily practice of  Move Nourish Believe, and just like Lorna, Active Living runs through the veins of any girl who chooses to wear her 3 icons with pride.

LJ EXCEL™ is a high performance fabric that is exclusive to Lorna Jane, offering you the:

Feeling of cotton with the benefits of advanced synthetic fibre technology

Maximum breathability

Moisture wicking and quick drying

Shrink and fade resistant

Matte black fabric finish for a flattering look

4 way stretch technology

Tight weave to offer the benefits of UV Protection



My Mantra

Our Goals

Our goals are big & so are our hopes. We want to bring you the free peoples active lifestyle wear, that is bright & beautiful, that takes you from gym to beach, from yoga mat to surfing board, from hiking to a coffee with your friends. We want to come with you everywhere & experience your journey.

Our Views  

We believe that sharing is caring, that this planet we call home should be loved & cherished forever. We believe that we should share the beauty of it & bring people/communities together, that the future lays in our hands & we are capable of amazing things. We believe that people should be free & wild, adventurous & exploring, happy & carefree. With this in mind, we are trying our best to keep our planet forever green, so that we can live here always & forever. We want you to help us along the way, come and join the movement & let’s create that better space together. We are working on bringing you only the finest Eco-Friendly & Fair Trade products. We take pride in our brand & our values & we want you to feel the same way.

Our Charity 

We believe that to change the world, you must first start with yourself. And so that’s exactly what we do, we start with us. Here at Mantra we want to give back to the world, we want to do so with pure intentions, we want to give smiles, warm hugs, whatever help we can to make this world a better place. By shopping with us, you automatically do a good deed. We use a part of the sales to help out the world in any way we can.